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Clearing the Desk

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that both my parents were people who liked to save stuff. Dad was more organized about it than Mom but both held on to things that probably should have been let go of. I inherited that trait and/or learned it at an impressionable age. Which is why I’m sitting here […]

Goodbye Tabs

Last year during Holidailies, I was inspired to close a bunch of tabs on my phone browser. I went through a similar exercise in this past April, but since then I have not done a good job keeping my number of open tabs reasonable (on one screen is my definition of that), even though there’s […]

One Drawer Down

Even though I’m not even halfway through the Julie Morgenstern book I mentioned in my last post, I felt inspired to tackly my first small SHED project, one of the drawers under my bed. I pulled it out, and then pulled out the things that had fallen behind the drawer and piled them on top, […]

Good Clutter

  Last night I said I wanted to make more time for quilting, and today I did just that, pondering and ironing and cutting and playing with fabric. The picture above shows what my sewing (a.k.a. dining) room table looks like right now. It’s a good thing we have an eat-in kitchen and rarely host […]

Piling Off

This morning, I am multitasking, cleaning off my desk at the same time as I write about cleaning off my desk. Of course, this is not true multitasking, since I cannot simultaneously declutter and type, it’s more Windows-style multitasking, where I do one thing for a little bit and then do the other thing for […]


When I saw “clutter” on the AlphaBytes word list, I knew that was the C word for me. That one resonated. But when it came time to start writing about it, my reaction was akin to what I feel when it comes to dealing with the actual stuff itself– overwhelmed. Should I write about the […]

Ugly on the Inside

I clear all the papers and folders and writing instruments off my desk every night. When I arrive in the morning, my work surface is uncluttered. The two desks arranged in an L-shape support a phone, a PC monitor sitting on top of a docking station, a box of facial tissues (usually genuine Kleenex in […]

Not So Fly, Lady

Today’s June Journal SMACKdown question: “Which part of your house is always dirty?” Always? Even when we’ve spruced up the place because company’s coming? I think we’ve cleaned every part of the house at least once since we moved in, so no one place is always dirty. However, it’s rare when all the parts are […]


I logged into my Hotmail account today to find it was deactivated because I hadn’t been in it for at least 30 days. All my stuff was gone, the screen informed me. Bummer. I like my stuff. Of course, I couldn’t remember what was in there that was now gone, other than a short exchange […]

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