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Goodbye Tabs

Last year during Holidailies, I was inspired to close a bunch of tabs on my phone browser. I went through a similar exercise in this past April, but since then I have not done a good job keeping my number of open tabs reasonable (on one screen is my definition of that), even though there’s […]

One Drawer Down

Even though I’m not even halfway through the Julie Morgenstern book I mentioned in my last post, I felt inspired to tackly my first small SHED project, one of the drawers under my bed. I pulled it out, and then pulled out the things that had fallen behind the drawer and piled them on top, […]

Good Clutter

  Last night I said I wanted to make more time for quilting, and today I did just that, pondering and ironing and cutting and playing with fabric. The picture above shows what my sewing (a.k.a. dining) room table looks like right now. It’s a good thing we have an eat-in kitchen and rarely host […]

Piling Off

This morning, I am multitasking, cleaning off my desk at the same time as I write about cleaning off my desk. Of course, this is not true multitasking, since I cannot simultaneously declutter and type, it’s more Windows-style multitasking, where I do one thing for a little bit and then do the other thing for […]


When I saw “clutter” on the AlphaBytes word list, I knew that was the C word for me. That one resonated. But when it came time to start writing about it, my reaction was akin to what I feel when it comes to dealing with the actual stuff itself– overwhelmed. Should I write about the […]

Ugly on the Inside

I clear all the papers and folders and writing instruments off my desk every night. When I arrive in the morning, my work surface is uncluttered. The two desks arranged in an L-shape support a phone, a PC monitor sitting on top of a docking station, a box of facial tissues (usually genuine Kleenex in […]

Not So Fly, Lady

Today’s June Journal SMACKdown question: “Which part of your house is always dirty?” Always? Even when we’ve spruced up the place because company’s coming? I think we’ve cleaned every part of the house at least once since we moved in, so no one place is always dirty. However, it’s rare when all the parts are […]


I logged into my Hotmail account today to find it was deactivated because I hadn’t been in it for at least 30 days. All my stuff was gone, the screen informed me. Bummer. I like my stuff. Of course, I couldn’t remember what was in there that was now gone, other than a short exchange […]

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