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Archive for December 1st, 2023


December 1, 2023

Because the Facebook algorithm is not perfect (at what I want—I bet it’s pretty good at what advertisers want), I didn’t see anything about Holidailies 2023 until I used my human brain to go look at their page this morning. I’m just glad I remembered on December 1st, so I can start on time this year, unlike last year, when I didn’t even sign up until December 2nd. To address this next year, I just added a reminder to my Google calendar for late November next year. (Which if I’d done last year, I’d already have some entry ideas sketched out by now but better a year late than never.)

A blog collab is a delightfully anachronistic endeavor in these times we live in. I’m into it. I like seeing familiar names in the Holidailies portal. I like the reminder to read and comment on other folks’ stuff in a way I used to to as a routine but have fallen out of the habit of since there’s less and less old school type content out there and it’s harder to find in this age of SEO and monetization. I like the gentle push to post more here (though since I’ve focused my photo diary efforts here in the last couple years I’ve been better at that than I had been for a while). So I’m starting this effort in a good mood and a hopeful spirit. We’ll see how far that takes me.


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