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Archive for December 24th, 2022

Ice Is Nice If You Don’t Have to Drive On It

December 24, 2022

Winter travel in the mountains being what it is, Mr. K has been studying weather forecasts for about six different locations in order to plan our trip to be with his sisters and other family for Christmas. He found a window and we made it to our destination safely, arriving after they’d had their big dump of snow and before the ice moved in. It was pretty to look at but the ice meant we didn’t leave the house at all yesterday. Today we were able to get out and shore up our supplies, getting four more pies and a fruitcake. Priorities.

Two black metal chairs on either side of a small table. The chairs and table are sitting in maybe half a foot of snow, with a similar amount piled on the table. The chairs have icicles hanging off the slats on the backs of the chairs.



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