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Archive for December 12th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 49

December 12, 2022

It feels a little strange to be doing a week in photos entry when I’ve written so much here during the week, but I anticipated that and have made sure to have enough photos so I won’t just be re-using ones I’ve already posted.

Monday, December 5: Cold and windy ski conditions along one of the ridges. Stationary items get crusted with thick frost. Best to keep moving.

Temporary fence made from painted bamboo poles and rope netting placed on a ski run.


Tuesday, December 6: Another cold and windy day. This time I was smarter and wore my Boot Gloves, which are neoprene covers that fit over the front of my boots to keep my toes warmer, leaving blood available to circulate in other areas. I’ve been wearing them with the logo to the inside of the foot to extend their life, as I noticed the straps that go under my boots were wearing unevenly.

Looking down at a skier's legs standing on the snow, boots clicked into stainless steel colored skis and the bottoms of two ski poles visible in the upper part of the frame.

Wednesday, December 7: For someone who lives in a place with such a short window of summer weather, I sure do love flip flops. Added these to my collection to replace a similar pair I’ve worn so much that they’re wearing out.

Black flip flops with jeweled mosaic straps and a flower logo on the insole at the heels.

Thursday, December 8: I enjoy it when the balcony railings get swags of snow like this. Sometimes they form to the inside like this so I can see them whenever I look out.. Sometimes they form to the outside, and I can only see them when I’m outside, too.

Looking out a window to a snow-covered balcony. There is a swag of snow sagging off the railing on the left hand side.

Friday, December 9: Walking home from the slopes in a wintery picture postcard. See if you can spot the two people clearing a roof.

Winter scene with snow-covered pine trees. There are buildings to the left of the frame and in the center, with a snow-covered road in between. On the roof of the building in the center, two small figures can be seen clearing snow off the roof.

Saturday, December 10: More snow. I snapped this out the side window and thought “oh, I’ll have to get a better photo of that huge icicle next door” (the one you can barely see through the trees; it’s longer than the whole top story of that building). When I remembered a little while later, it had already crashed down and was gone.

View out a window on a snowy scene with pine trees small and tall and a building through the trees with a large icicle hanging off the roof.

Sunday, December 11: Beautiful afternoon on the slopes (unless you went to the top and tried to ski to the back, in which case, you were in a cloud bank all along that ridge).

Woman wearing a dark plum helmet, reflective goggles, and a lilac coat with ski slopes behind her.



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