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Archive for December 15th, 2021

In the Home Stretch

December 15, 2021

One month ago today, on our second to last full day at Walt Disney World for this trip, Mr. Karen and I skipped the farewell event for the podcast meetup and bopped around the world doing a combination of old favorites and new things. We started at Epcot lunching around the world (Food & Wine Festival was going on, as it does for about six months of the year) then made our way over to Hollywood Studios where we saw the physically distanced Beauty and the Beast show and had more food at the new-to-us Woody’s Lunch Box, including a Pop Tart knockoff that was better than an actual Pop Tart (near as I remember them; it’s been a while since I ate one and with Kellogg’s union busting, it’s going to be a much longer while, perhaps forever).

Rectangular hand pie with pink frosting and red and white sprinkles


Then we bussed over to the Polynesian to see about getting some merchandise we’d seen earlier in the trip. Alas, the drinking glasses we liked were sold out and the t-shirt I admired still only came in kids’ sizes. Apparently the universe didn’t think we needed those sorts of souvenirs this trip. I still enjoyed the ambiance; the Poly is still my favorite resort on property. Pity it costs so much now.

Store window with tiki god sticker in lower left corner and the word aloha in upper right


Then we took the monorail back to Epcot to end the day. I continued my love affair with the look of Spaceship Earth at night, and we found a spot to watch Harmonius where we could see the Stargate better than we had so far (spoiler alert: that did not make the show suddenly better).

Harmonious show at Epcot with barges with lights and water jets and colors


Spaceship Earth at night



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