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Archive for December 8th, 2019

Mystery Furniture

December 8, 2019

Yesterday, a chair appeared in front of our neighbors’ house. It’s a nice chair, a Adirondack style with skis used to construct the backrest portion, sort of a skier’s throne.

Mystery chair


I have questions. I don’t know who left the chair there, as the neighbors have not, as far I know, been up yet this ski season, though maybe they came by while I was out skiing, dropped off the chair, and left again. Or maybe they ordered it from someone who dropped it off? Regardless, why is it sitting basically in the street? Sure, it’s close to the house, but the plow had to go around it when doing the parking areas to either side. Why not at least tuck it up next to the garage door? (I’m assuming it can’t fit on the porch, at least not without blocking access to the door.) Should I go move it so it has less chance of getting sideswiped? Does this chair even belong to the neighbors? Maybe it fell off a truck while being moved, but if that’s the case why it is sitting perfectly upright and why didn’t the people moving it notice it was gone and retrace their steps? So many questions.


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