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Archive for December 23rd, 2018

I’m a Pot Head

December 23, 2018

This morning, Mr. K and I had steel cut oats for breakfast, which I cooked in the Instant Pot. After skiing, we had egg salad sandwiches made with eggs I hard boiled in the Instant Pot a couple days ago. In our freezer, there are containers filled with vegetable stew and beef barley soup that I made in the Instant Pot earlier this month (and I’ll reheat them in the Instant Pot when the time comes). There’s a gallon of milk in the refrigerator waiting for me to make yogurt in the Instant Pot. It’s been over two years and I’m still using the heck out of this appliance.

Not everything I’ve tried making in the IP has been a success, but enough things have that I’ve now got a solid set of “go to” recipes. I want to keep experimenting to add to that list. That’s been hard in recent months what with all the travel we’ve done, but I’m hoping we’ll ease back a bit on that now that the moving project is pretty much wrapped up.


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