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Archive for December 18th, 2018


December 18, 2018

When the big moving truck got unloaded into the storage unit on Saturday, we were just concerned about getting things in there, not what was going where (and the mover guys were not even especially concerned about things being right side up). Over the past few days, we’ve taken some pieces of furniture and several boxes over to Joan’s apartment, but some other things we wanted were buried deep, so today I spent the whole afternoon at the storage place, pulling out every box and almost every piece of furniture so I could group like things together and put the things I don’t think will get looked at for a while in the back. A few hours in, I was feeling a tad overwhelmed, with boxes piled down the halls in all directions.



But once I got things grouped into logical categories and started putting them back into the storage unit, it went pretty quickly. All the furniture is along one side, the sermons and music and books are along the back wall, the decorative glass objects and knick knacks and memorabilia take up all of one corner, photos and photo albums and scrapbooks are closer to the front since I think Joan’ll want to look at those for sure. Tonight on the way back to Kathy’s house, we stopped for more reward yogurt; I felt I’d earned it.

Reward yogurt #2

Tomorrow if the weather forecast holds, we’ll head home. Sure there’s more to do here, but it doesn’t have to be done right now, and it’s been snowing like crazy on our mountain and we’re anxious to get back.


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