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Archive for December 31st, 2023

Closing Out 2023

December 31, 2023

Despite the poor snow conditions, the holiday crowds are here on the mountain for New Year’s Eve. On the plus side, this means more dogs for me to see walking by my windows. On the minus, I had to trudge out into the yard earlier to pick up the the beer-related trash that blew off the balcony of the condo being rented by party people next door. There’s already been one round of amateur fireworks, and I expect a few more before 2024 arrives. I’m happy to be snug at home with Mr. Karen, catching up on movies we missed seeing when they came out (I used to like going to see movies in theaters, but now it just seems like an unnecessary health risk). At midnight, we’ll toast with quince wine and turn in at what’s now pretty much our regular bedtime.

Here’s hoping 2024 brings improvements all around: personally, locally, nationally, and globally.

Bottle of golden colored wine sitting on a wooden butcher block counter in front of a brown and olive tiled wall.



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