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I Am the Champion

December 31, 2007

Evidently my flurry of roster moves in the last week didn’t spell doom for my fantasy football team because they won the championship game yesterday. Back in September, I promised to buy the winner of the league a lovely I Hate The New England Patriots, but now that I’ve seen how things turned out I think the prize needs to this I Love Andre Davis one, as just like last week, Mr. Davis was the key to my victory. Again, he didn’t get very many receiving yards but 234 return yards for two touchdowns makes the receiving irrelevant. That’s 82 points for Woe is Me right there, and the reason I renamed my team I Heart Andre Davis (I figured it was safe to change the name and update my smacktalk now).

Other players helped, of course. My new QB Kurt Warner stepped up and got a Peyton-esque 61.5 points. Nate Burleson tripled his projected points and contributed 30. Alge Crumpler, whom I’d drafted (mostly because I like his name) then dropped in November because he got injured (I am heartless) then picked up again two weeks ago (because I still like his name and his replacements hadn’t done much for me), almost quadrupled his projected points and came up with 18 points, which is by far the most I got from a tight end all season. All this more than made up for another disappointing performance by the Minnesota defense (though the Seattle defense did even less well, so for once I had the right crew in, at least from the choices available). I’m sorry I didn’t go with Morten Andersen at kicker; he had 14 points to Ryan Longwell’s 3 (not Ryan’s fault–he can’t kick if they don’t get in range or if they have to go for two because they fell so far behind and are running out of time), and I don’t expect he’ll be in the league next year. Of course, I didn’t expect him to be in the league this year, so who knows.


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