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A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 28

July 18, 2023

Monday, July 10: A deer stopped to take a rest behind our house. If I hadn’t heard it walking through the brush to get to the well screened spot it chose, I would have never known it was there. Even knowing it was there, it was hard to see. Good job, deer.

Bushes and trees with bright green leaves. Near the center of the image there is the face of a deer peeking out from the leaves.

Tuesday, July 11: More huckleberry picking. Saw a huckleberry bush colored bug on one of the berries I was reaching for.

Bright green leaves with a few purple berries. One berry has a green and purple bug crawling on it.

Wednesday, July 12: Went down to town to give blood, then treated ourselves to an early dinner on the patio of one of the restaurants downtown, then went grocery shopping, then saw this lady elk by the side of the mountain road. I’d seen her near this spot before; maybe something good to eat growing in the woods here.

Brown hoofed animal standing on gravel with woods behind her. Facing head on into the camera.

Thursday, July 13: Went down to the city to meet up with friends and stopped at the beauty store on the way. Wish I’d gotten to this display of Sesame Street nail polish before it was mostly wiped out, but maybe just as well I wasn’t faced with that temptation.

Nail polish display with photos of Sesame Street Muppets: Big Bird, Elmo, Count von Count, Oscar the Grouch, Rosita, and Cookie Monster.

Friday, July 14: Speaking of retail temptations, I’ve always thought the one-egg size frying pans were cute, and now here’s a soup pan to match. I resisted because if I want that amount of soup, I’ll microwave it.

Display of five inch soup pans in a grocery store.

Saturday, July 15: First day of winefest means first chair lift ride with wine of the summer season.

Hand holding a stemless wine glass with white wine. The chairlift the person is riding on is visible behind the glass.

Sunday, July 16: Second day of winefest. Mr. K and I wandered into the real estate office and saw the model showing the lots for sale in an area we used to be able to ski through.

Model of a portion of a mountain showing existing condo buildings and new lots for sale.



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