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A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 27

July 18, 2022

July 4: Ended the previous week with a Happy Color screenshot, so starting this one the same way. This is one of the 4th of the July pictures, or in this case, the 4tm of July. I don’t think it’s a U.S.-based app.

Screenshot of a picture from a coloring book app with a dog wearing a red white and blue top hat to celebrate the 4th of July


July 5: Unlike yesterday’s screenshot, this is an actual photo I took of a screen. I was shopping for birthday presents for Mr. K and looking for commemorative items for the 50th anniversary of the band Kansas because he’s a fan. One of the things my search turned up was this 52th anniversary t-shirt. Seems legit.

Photo of a computer screen showing a t-shirt design for the 52th (sic) anniversary of the band Kanasas

July 6: Puffy clouds, one of my favorite views, and the mountain bike shuttle van which has been parked across the street pretty much all the time it’s not in use since it started service this past weekend. Our houseguest who arrived today also took a photo of this view and remarked on the van, saying she could edit it out.

View across a mountain valley near twilight with puffy clouds in the sky and one tall pice tree in the forground

July 7: Joined Mr. K and our guest for lunch from a Cajun food truck that appeared in the village, then went up the lift and hiked a bit while they took off mountain biking (I gave myself a black eye and a cut that probably could have used stitches the only time I tried mountain biking so far).

Two people waiting for their bikes to be unloaded from a chair lift at a ski resort in summer

July 8: Our houseguest brought flowers. I thought this blossom was interesting.

View out passenger side of windshield of two lane blacktop road with bluffs in the distance

July 9: Got to the top of the mountain for a hike with our houseguest after the wedding party of the day was done with their ceremony, but before all the d├ęcor had been cleared away.

Paving stone patio at the top of a mountain with a wedding arch and a view of a lake in the valley below

July 10: Mr. K and our guest went on a day long hike on a peak east of ours. I wasn’t able to join them because my heel and ankle have been too sore. Instead I spent a few hours in my studio playing with nail polish.

Nail wheel painted with several different glitter polishes



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