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Archive for January 1st, 2023

And Now It’s 2023

January 1, 2023

With this entry, I’ll wrap up another year of Holidailies participation. I didn’t obsess about it as I’ve done in some past years (obviously, what with not remembering to sign up until December 2nd) but will finish with 29 entries for 32 days, which is not too shabby. It’s also not sustainable. Still, I would like to write more entries that aren’t part of my photo diary (which I do intend to continue) in the coming months. I’m not sure that’s a New Year’s resolution, more of a goal I haven’t put any metrics to yet.

Mr. K and I rang in the 2023 at home; we didn’t even go out in the street to look at the fireworks various folks were shooting off around the mountain. We’ve mostly spent today inside, too, though we did walk down the village to get some fresh air. It was still busy since I imagine a lot of folks have tomorrow off so were able to stick around for another day compared to years when New Year’s Day doesn’t fall on a Sunday. Even on a busy day on the mountain, there are still places to find quiet and natural beauty, like on this path we took for part of our walk:

Wide path through tall pine trees. Path and trees covered in snow.


Edited to add that I guess I finished up Holidailies yesterday, as the portal is closed for posting even though it’s not midnight yet even in the Eastern time zone. Bummer.


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