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Archive for December 26th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 51

December 26, 2022

Monday, December 19: Picture perfect day on the mountain, but very cold and windy (to the point the National Weather Service issued a warning). I stayed inside.

View of a snow covered ski mountain with the trees dusted with snow as well, included some in the foreground of the photo. The sky is mostly filled with clouds but there is a wedge of bright blue in the center above the ski runs.


Tuesday, December 20: New ornament on our tree this year, an Idaho one found in the clearance section of a souvenir shop in Missouri on one of our road trips.

Golden laser cut metal ornament held in a person's palm. Ovaloid in shape, with the state name Idaho cut into a saw blade shape at the bottom. The shape of the state of Idaho is above that, with various symbols of the state highlighted: potatoes, mining, native Americans, logging.

Wednesday, December 21: Made our drive across Washington to be with family for Christmas. Some stretches of road were slower than we’d like, so we missed our Jamba window but did make it to our newest favorite sushi restaurant before it closed. I ordered a Japanese melon-flavored soda that the waitress had to show me how to open.

Clear glass bottle of soda with a blue cap and bright green bubbly liquid inside. There's a clear glass marble inside the bottle resting above a narrow spot in the bottle above the label.

Thursday, December 22: It’s good to have a nephew who likes to bake and cook.

Two plastic food storage continers. One is filled with brownies, rice krispie treats, and rum balls. The other with chocolate chip cookies.

Friday, December 23: Ice on top of snow. Another good day to stay inside.

Small potted bush on a balcony covered in ice.

Saturday, December 24: Had lunch at a Mexican restaurant with Mr. K’s sisters. There was a mixup, and I didn’t get the entree I ordered, but I was pretty full of margarita and cheese by then so I wasn’t too fussed.

Blue beverage in a clear chunky stemmed glass, water in a blue plastic tumbler, and a small bowl with white queso dip and a fork.

Sunday, December 25: After the gift opening and other merriment on Christmas Day, most of us in the house went out to the park. Some played Frisbee golf, others of us walked on the paths through the tall trees.

Path through tall cedar trees on a damp day.



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