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A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 34

August 30, 2022

Monday, August 22: Went to the studio and had to wait for a train to pass to get home, as often happens. It’s possible to avoid having to cross this track, but both alternate routes are longer, so usually I just wait.

Train crossing at night with red lights glowing against the dark background, a moving train just visible behind the gate


Tuesday, August 23: Went to get some maintenance on my luxury bones.

View from a dental chair with a view out of the window. A screen with dental xrays is visible above the chair.

Wednesday, August 24: New limited edition Coke flavor dropped, so of course I got some. It’s called Dreamworld and tastes like some sort of fruity candy to me.

Small glass half full of brown soda next to a small blue can of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Dreamworld flavor

Thursday, August 25: Stopped for a quick lunch between dropping one of our vehicles off for service and going grocery shopping. I appreciated this colorful cup display because it seemed so quirky. Who made this? Did they decide to do it on their own or did a memo come from HQ to do it?

Interior of a Zip's fast food restaurant with a structure made from five sizes of colorful drink cups

Friday, August 26: Made a ricotta-based pasta sauce for the first time. Turned out pretty well but next time I’ll add lemon or something to give it a bit of bite.

Bowl with shredded cheese, chopped basil, and diced tomatoes with a tub of ricotta sitting on the counter next to it

Saturday, August 27: Mural on the back of a building down in the city, where I went to hang out with friends.

Mural on the back of a brick building featuring an old train station and a pink car with tailfins

Sunday, August 28: Hung out with a different set of friends in one of the parks in town, and someone brought these pumpkin cupcakes to try.

Box of Hostess limited edition pumpkin cupcakes sitting on a picnic table



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  1. Billy Says:

    Great pictures. I hope the maintenance on your bones went well.

    Please check your email. I sent something to your address a few days ago that I hope you received. 🙂 It might have went to your spam folder.

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