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A Week-ish in Photos: 2022, Part 33

August 26, 2022

Tuesday, August 16: I continue to enjoy this view while I can. No sign of construction on that lot so far, so looks like I’ll have at least one more winter unobstructed. Though I suppose they could pour foundations next month or something.

Twilight view across a mountain valley with a tall pine tree and low profile condos in the foreground

Wednesday, August 17: Another deer visitor in the yard.

Looking out a tall narrow window at a mule deer with velvety horns on the other side amongst greenery

Thursday, August 18: Time for a cup of tea.

Heart shaped tea cube at the bottom of a golden yellow cup

Friday, August 19: Heading down to the city for my friend Bunny’s going away party. She’s moving to California for a couple of years to do graduate work. I hope she moves back after that but who knows what opportunities may present themselves. I gave her a token to remember me by.

Saturday, August 20: It’s tiny yellow flower time. Apparently these are called common tansy (or Golden Buttons or Bitter Buttons or Cow Bitter or Garden Tansy, according to the US Wildflowers site).

Small yellow flowers that look like buttons growing in a bunch

Sunday, August 21: Mr. Karen was cleaning out a box in the garage and found some old posters, like this one from that span of time when I was following NASCAR Winston Cup. (There was also a Chippendales poster from when I went to see them at the Rio in Las Vegas with several of my nail polish friends.)

Poster of Ford Taurus NASCAR Winston Cup drivers



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