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Archive for April 25th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 16

April 25, 2022

April 19: Snow well into April is normal here.

View out a window to snow flurries


April 20: State of the mountain. Some folks will hike up to do a run now that the lifts are closed for the season, but that’s too much work for too little reward for me.

View of snow covered ski runs

April 21: When I pulled my car out, I left icicles behind, stalagmite-style. I was heading to the dentist to get a filling, which I was told I needed sooner rather than later or risk having to get another crown. I got it. Wasn’t too bad.

Icicles sticking up from a patch of snow in a driveway

April 22: Somehow the only photo I took this day was of the mangled tops of the dumpsters. I’d swung by them to see if the cardboard recycling trailer had been put out for the season. It had not.

Dark green trash dumpsters with mangled covers

April 23: The curl of snow coming off our low roof in back is still going strong, but there’s drip drip dripping most days so it’s on its way out.

Snow bridge curling off a roof onto the snow covered ground

April 24: I have so much stuff to keep track of and organize. I need to have less stuff so it’s easier, but I like my stuff.

Two bags and a soft sided box filled with stuff



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