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Archive for December 29th, 2021

Lack of Vim

December 29, 2021

I didn’t ski yesterday, choosing to go down to town for the first time in a week. I got some groceries and spent some time in the studio, where I fixed a loose board next to the door to my unit (and bruised my backside in the process when I fell over trying to pull out one of the old nails) and changed my toenail polish while listening to podcasts. I didn’t ski today, either. I told myself it was too cold. The cold part was true—high of zero Fahrenheit with wind chill as low as -30—though I’ve skied in similar conditions. Really, I just lacked the vim. Putting on all my layers, trooping down to the village, trying to get my boots on and grab my skis from the locker room as fast as possible to avoid getting COVID—it seemed like a lot of work. And skiing shouldn’t be work. It should be fun. I’ve been having trouble finding that joy this season. I’ve had some moments on the hill when things come together and my turns feel good and the view makes my heart feel open, but not as many as I’d like. Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s the pandemic wearing me down. I hope after the holiday crowds leave, it’ll feel easier here. It’s still pretty regardless.

View of ski runs on a mountain in winter



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