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Archive for December 29th, 2020

What If

December 29, 2020

I spent a few hours in my studio this evening playing with nail polish. A brand sent me a half dozen bottles to swatch and post on my nail blog. I had done three of them earlier this month, so pulled out the other three tonight. I did swatch them individually, but the real fun began when I started experimenting with what else I could do besides that. What if I used the white one as a topper for one or two of the colors in the first trio? Or over the orange one from today? And that red … it’s okay on its own, but what if tried a coat of it over the glowy orange or the sparkly white? And what would a French mani look like using the sparkly white instead of a sheer skintone color? Time just slips by without me noticing when I get going like that. It does not flow as well when the time comes to sort through all the photos and decide which should go in the blog post and then edit them, though. That I could use an assistant for.

red and white nail polish



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