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Archive for December 19th, 2020

The Wait Begins

December 19, 2020

My big accomplishment of the day was ordering a couch. Estimated delivery time: 17 weeks from now. The fabric on the left will be the fronts of the accent pillows; everything else will be the fabric on the right, which is not any of the first five swatches Mr. K and I brought home. It won because it feels very nice to the touch, can be cleaned with water (vs. solvent), has enough visual texture to be interesting but not so much it overwhelms, coordinates very nicely with the stone on our fireplace wall, doesn’t blend into the drapes, and is neutral enough that it should fit into wherever we live next.

two upholstery fabrics


As for the couch, it’s a shorter two-cushion version of the one below (which had all its back pillows when we first sat on it, but had been sold in the few days between then and when I went back for more fabric swatches and apparently the new owners took a pillow with them). The arms are high enough to sit sideways comfortably, and the back is low enough that I can see out the window when I do that. Those were key features I wanted.

two upholstery fabrics


This sofa will replace the loveseat I bought from Sears for my first apartment out of college. When the original upholstery wore out, I redid it myself with the help of a book I got from the library. Now that fabric is wearing out. I suppose I could have reupholstered it again, but after 35 years, I don’t feel wasteful for just buying an entire replacement. Not sure what we’ll do with the old one, but seems we have four months or so to figure that out.


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