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Archive for December 10th, 2020

A Couple More Things I’m Not Getting Rid of Just Yet

December 10, 2020

I poked through a couple more boxes of stuff I brought back here after clearing my mom’s house after she died and found a couple more things (like last week’s ashtray) that I’ll be keeping around for a while.

The first is for purely sentimental reasons: a set of drapes my mom made for my childhood bedroom, both the panels and the matching valances. I was surprised to find these in her basement; at that point it had been at least 40 years since they’d been hung on any windows. I suppose they had sentimental value for her, too. I don’t see using these as drapes again, but I tell myself I might use parts of them in a quilt. I could cut them up; that would be right in line with something Mom would have done. She cut down one of her jackets to make part of a Mary Poppins costume for me, for example.


The other I’m keeping for both practical and sentimental reasons: my mom’s manual hand mixer. I saved this because the one that we got with our condo was inconvenient to use, what with it missing pieces on both the handle and the crank. Granted, we don’t use it much, so the fact that Mom’s has been in a box for several years now was not a hardship. It’s definitely better made than the one we had; now that I have this nice one, maybe I’ll find more opportunities to use it. Or maybe it’ll just be a nice reminder of my mom and all the things she cooked.


There are many many more boxes to look through, so perhaps I’ll have more things to share before Holidailies ends. If we continue to lack good snow for skiing, I definitely will.


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