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Archive for December 7th, 2020

Happy to Color

December 7, 2020

I mentioned in my Holidailies intro this year that I sometimes retreat into my coloring app. It’s pretty much taken up the time I formerly spent on Pokemon Go and the various Candy Crush variations (I haven’t taken them off my phone yet, but neither have I touched them in months). I found it through a friend on Facebook who was posting pretty pictures from something called Happy Color. After a number of these posts, I got curious and downloaded it to my phone. My phone is not that big, so I had to do a lot of zooming in to see the areas to be colored, which wasn’t ideal. I thought to use my neglected tablet, but found that Happy Color isn’t available for Windows tablets. I did find a different coloring app that was, and unlike Happy Color it lets you decide which colors to use where, but I got frustrated with that because some of the areas I thought should be closed were left open to adjacent areas, which meant colors in places I didn’t want them (see the one unbordered petal and the vine that’s the same color as the background below). I found that more frustrating than the zooming in, so back to my phone and Happy Color I went.

picture of a coloring book app on a tablet


There’s a great variety of images in Happy Color. There are complex ones like the renditions of paintings in the Art section. One of my favorites I’ve done so far is Flowers in a Turquoise Vase by by Odilon Redon.

coloring book app image of flowers in a vase


There are cute simple images, like this baby triceratops.

coloring book app image of a baby triceratops hatching from its egg

I loved this ski chalet at night; it reminded me of some of Mary Blair’s work.

coloring book app image of a ski chalet at night

I also like the retro futuristic/tomorrow that never was stuff like this travel poster.

coloring book app image of a travel poster for winter on a strange planet

And this brightly colored forest scene might be my favorite so far. I can imaging this in quilt form, so many opportunities to use different fabrics.

coloring book app image of a brightly colored forest with a river


Coloring in the app feels meditative a lot of the time. There are some gamification aspects to it, with bonuses for completing a certain number of images from different categories or sharing images or using hints, but you don’t have to collect those to have a good time with it. One of the most fun parts has been sharing with friends on Facebook, posting images we’ve liked and discussing features we’d like to see. I’m not sure how long Happy Color will hold my attention; so far it’s been three months and I’m going strong. My current self-imposed goal is to finish all the 2020 daily pictures by the end of the year, so I’ll at least stick around to do that.


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