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December 2, 2019

Things I have done since sitting down to write this entry for Holidailies:

1) Looked at Baby Yoda memes. Note that we do not have Disney+ and are not planning to get Disney+, so all I know about Baby Yoda, I know from memes. I love them anyway. (Do we know Baby Yoda’s pronouns? I see “he/him” used but is that just because that’s how we’ve referred to original Yoda all these years? I’d go Google this question but that would mean even more delay in getting this post done.)

2) Sampled some of the baked mac and cheese made by my eldest nephew. This despite having already eaten. We’ve never made baked mac and cheese in our house because once I see the cheese sauce come together, I want to eat it right then (and also I don’t usually manage to plan far enough ahead for dinner prep to involve both cooking on the stovetop and then baking). Which is a shame, as I do love some crispy topping on the baked version. Maybe if I made enough so we could eat non-baked as an appetizer and then baked as the entree with a salad course in between?

3) Bemoaned the fact that I’m still on Flickr and thought about how easily I gave up when looking for a good alternative. (I got onto that subject when I went to get the link to what I wrote here last December 2nd). Earlier this year, I did research upgrading the software I used to self-host images back when I started this journal but it’s no longer being updated or supported even if I could have found a way to import all my Flickr content into it. (At least the images haven’t disappeared from my early journal entries, unlike what would happen if I stopped paying for Flickr Pro.)

4) Read a few posts others wrote for Holidailies (for inspiration) and felt glad so many folks are still doing this project. Also felt envious of Jenipurr.

5) Debated whether it made sense to upload photos out of order so I could make today’s post about the animals that roam the halls at the rehab place Mr. K’s mom is in now. Decided it did not because a) that would mess up the chronological order in my Flickr photostream unless I cheated and edited upload dates later (which I would rather not do) and b) I have yet to see the elusive black cat and maybe I still will before we leave for home and it would be better to have an entry with all of them rather than just the ones I’ve seen so far.

6) Decided I’m just not gonna be able to focus and this list will have to do for today’s offering.


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  1. Mel Says:

    I’m pretty sure Baby Yoda has been referred to several times as he/him, although neither he nor The Mandalorian have actual names so far. At least one other character calls the title character “Mando” – presumably just a nickname – and Mando himself called Baby Y. a “little womprat” in the most recent episode, which is funny if you know your Star Wars lore (and I’m assuming you do) but doesn’t enlighten us any further on the pronouns.

  2. admin Says:

    Mel, yes that’s my current understanding from the Baby Yoda groups I’m in on FB. Though wow, the panic some dudes expressed in the comments when someone posted that Baby Yoda was a girl was a sight to see.

  3. Karen Says:

    Oh, I forgot I was logged in as admin just then. 😀

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