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Archive for December 29th, 2018

New Age Graffiti

December 29, 2018

I was surprised to see this intended-to-be-encouraging message on the wall of a bathroom stall at the ski resort, as there’s usually not anything to read other than ads for upcoming events that get attached to the backs of the doors. Someone took a fair bit of time to write this out … who? why?

Affirmational graffiti

I appreciate the sentiment, though I disagree with the premise. As a recovering perfectionist, I know I am not perfect … and I also know that’s okay.

Some days later, I came upon some other graffiti in a bathroom in a different building (this one only accessible over the snow, not just by walking in from the parking lot):

Why? Because people need money to live


I have questions about this question. Is it the same person who wrote the other stuff? Looking at the shape of the capital Ys, I think so. Have they never had a job they didn’t love but which they needed to keep in order to get money to live on? Also, who skis with a Sharpie in their pocket?


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