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Archive for December 27th, 2018

Updating My Look

December 27, 2018

Somehow it’s gotten to be my bedtime so I can’t write the entry I’d planned for today, so instead I’m sharing my new glasses, seen here the day I picked them up but before I realized they were too tight and squeezing my head (I’ve since had them adjusted and they’re better but not quite perfect yet).

New glasses


When I was picking out new frames, I was struck by how many look very much like glasses my parents wore when I was a kid. I tried on one pair with a cat eye shape, but when Mr. Karen laughed out loud at them, I knew they weren’t the ones to go with. (Because our eye doctor is in the city an hour south of us, we try to get back to back appointments so we can drive down and back together.) These frames bear some resemblance to my Dad’s glasses in the 60s, though the color and material are updates from what he wore.

(Footnote: I see that last year on this day, I wrote about making yogurt, as I had the year before. Today, I also finished making a batch of yogurt. It’s just a thing I do now, and apparently do on this particular day for some reason, though I didn’t plan it that way.)


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