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Archive for December 7th, 2018

Yertle is Judging You

December 7, 2018

If all goes to plan today, I’ll be spending most of it on the road heading home, so I thought I’d best post this morning in case we get delayed and I can’t post tonight. And delays are quite possible, given that one of our stops on the way is IKEA, and while I have on occasion made quick trips to IKEA, there’s the definite possibility that lengthy wandering will ensue. So, just in case, I decided to sit down now and share an item that Mr. Karen found when we stopped at Fred Meyer on our way back to my sister in law’s last night. We don’t exchange Christmas presents with each other anymore (we still do birthdays but dropped Christmas some years back), but he spied this microwavable lavender scented turtle and brought it over to ask if I wanted it … apparently seeing this one grumpy turtle on the shelf of less perturbed ones made him think of me, which is completely understandable. I laughed and said no, I did not want it. If I’m getting a comfort item, I’d prefer it not look irritated with me.

Grumpy turtle



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