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Archive for December 30th, 2017

December Progress Report

December 30, 2017

At the beginning of this month, I listed the things I was going to do in the remaining weeks of the year to support my 2017 goals. Since it’s almost the end of the month, I’m going to go ahead and check-in to day with where I’m at.

1. Photo projects: I’m going to catch up with my posting on my daily and weekly projects and actually shoot photos specifically for the remaining weekly themes.
Yes, I did this. Except for the final weekly theme, which I will complete either later tonight or tomorrow; I’ve already taken the photos from which I will choose one to post to the group.

2. Reading: I just need to finish four more books this month.
Done. Overdone, actually. I finished nine, including one re-read.

3. Resistance: I’ll wallow for a bit, do some self-care, and make some donations to organizations who are fighting the good fight.
Fail. I did the wallowing, for sure, and some self-care, but have yet to make any specific donations.

4. Nail blogging: I can commit to doing at least 8 posts there in December.

5. Exercise: 5 days a week.
I think this happened. I need to keep better track. I know for sure I skied 16 days in December, not counting tomorrow. I also know I walked on at least a few other days, and we try to get in a stretch workout most days, but yeah, I need to get back to logging at MyFitnessPal or somewhere.

6. Food Logging: Not doing it.
I said I wouldn’t and I didn’t, so yay?

7. Organizing: One task per week.
Well, I can think of two I did, but that might be it.

8. Cooking: One new recipe per month.
I did the previously written about steel cut oats (not much a recipe, I admit, but a new way of making something we’ve eaten before but not often because making it was a hassle) and also for Christmas dinner did a turkey breast in the Instant Pot, following this recipe from Jo Cooks but substituting some of the spices.

9. Journalling: Three posts minimum.
Well, yeah, overachieved as expected thanks to Holidaililes.

I do want to set some goals for 2018, but not sure when I’ll get to that. Probably not before Holidailies is over, though


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