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Archive for December 11th, 2017

Not Quite a Family Heirloom

December 11, 2017

Most mornings, I have tea. A while back, I switched things up and started using a special canister to store my current everyday morning variety (right now it’s Earl Grey, previous to that it was Irish Breakfast; I go for whatever black tea catches my eye at the store when I need to restock). I had been using this container for miscellaneous tea I rarely drank and decided I wanted to make it part of my daily routine instead of letting it languish in the cupboard.

This metal canister is one of the things I kept of my dad’s after he died. It was in with his Japan stuff, souvenirs of his trip there in the mid-1960s, gifts sent to him by his colleagues there before and after his visit. I don’t know if this is something he bought or something given to him, but it was something he saved. And now I’m saving it, but also using it. I like having it and thinking of my dad when I get my tea out each morning.

Tea canister


Morning ritual



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