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January 5, 2011

I'm not changing providers, but I like this adToday is the last day for Holidailies 2010. Before I get sidetracked, I want to thank Jette and Chip for hosting once again. Over the 31 days of the project, I posted (or will have posted provided I remember to add this last one, which I did not for Holidailies 2009, much to my annoyance) 31 entries to the portal, five of which were from my nail polish blog (I posted a total of 27 entries over there during the run of Holidailies). In the process, I accumulated 24 “link karma” at reddit; I have no idea what that means. The most viewed and commented upon and voted on entry I wrote here for Holidailies this year was Reddit, in which I mostly whined about not liking it. Still, that got less than half the hits of my most viewed Hat on Top entry for the month of December, the one about Harry Potter fabric I wrote almost five years ago. (If I had a time machine and a slightly less conflicted attitude towards capitalism, I’d go back and buy bolts and bolts of that stuff to resell later when supplies got tight and fandom got frenzied.)

I am glad I did Holidailies again? Yes. Did it feel less fun than some other years? Yes. How much of that was me and how much of that was reddit, I don’t know. I do know I could have done more to contribute to the community spirit of the project; I just found it so tedious to navigate through the entries that I didn’t try very hard. If there’s a Holidailies next year on reddit, I expect I’ll participate and I hope I’ll push through my reddit reluctance to do more interacting with the other people writing along with me.

(Oh, and the photo has nothing to do with this entry; I just didn’t want the generic image to show up next to my link on reddit.)


On this date in 2010: Collecting, in which I shared some photos. It’s been a while since I added to that particular collection.

2009: Clearance O.K. , in which I nattered on about what I like about proofreading. I’m not quite as gung ho about it right now, but I plan to get back to it real soon.

2008: No entry.

2007: No entry.

2006: Story Baby Quilt, in which I finished a project. I want to get back to doing that, too.

2005: Multiples Mania, in which I showed off my questionable personal style from decades past.

2004: Belated Check-In, in which I looked at where I was versus the goals I’d set.

2003: You Can’t Judge Success by One Number, in which I weighed quite a bit less than I do now but still found things to whine about.

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  1. lisa-marie Says:

    Yeah, I agree with you, Karen, that Holidailies wasn’t as much fun as previous years, but I do love it and hope it continues next year, even if it’s on reddit. Also, I’ve enjoyed your nail polish blog – I love nail polish myself so it was a fun read! Cheers!

  2. JohnSherck Says:

    I think you covered it pretty well–this is very much how I felt. I did at least find a few blogs that I want to continue following, so that’s something.

  3. Melanie Says:

    Yep, I felt the same!! I really didn’t feel connected or inspired this year.

  4. Bev Says:

    I agree with you as well. I’ve LOVED Holidailies in the past, and found it a chore this year. I didn’t feel the same sense of community that I felt in previous years, didn’t read nearly as many entries this year as in the past because it was just too awkward to find something I was interested in. I sorely missed the capsule comments from entries. I’m not sure I’ll do it next year or not.

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