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WDW Day 8: Magic Kingdom and Epcot

December 24, 2013

As is our wont, we started this day in a leisurely fashion, having a late breakfast in the Contempo Cafe, watching monorails glide by as we ate. This counter service has the benefit of space and thus has much better traffic flow than Captain Cook’s at the Poly; what it does not have is Dole Whip, so our next stop after breakfast was the Poly to get that tropical treat (we like the pineapple vanilla swirl the best). We enjoyed our dessert sitting on the beach overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon before taking a boat over the Magic Kingdom to start our day’s touring.

Monorail at breakfast

At the Magic Kingdom, we did some attractions we’d not yet gotten to this trip and some we had and watched the afternoon parade and enjoyed the ambience until it was time to go change for dinner at Wilderness Lodge. It was so convenient to just walk to the end of the dock and get on a boat for the Lodge. We enjoyed our dinner at Artist Point and then went back to the hotel to get ready for an evening at Epcot, which we filled with more attractions, another viewing of Illuminations, and of course a visit to the magical lighted sidewalks on our way out of the park. I was feeling a bit under the weather much of the day but pushed on through with the help of Mr. Karen’s stash of cold meds. Good thing we’re not into commando style touring; I don’t know that I would have been able to manage that.

Magic sidewalk


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