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Winter Count – December

Winter Count – November

Christmas Past

A definitive sign I’m really a grown-up, my large collection of Eeyore shirts and watches notwithstanding: I did not wake up this morning, Christmas Day, until Mr. Karen gently shook my shoulder and let me know the alarm clock hadn’t gone off. We needed to get up right then or we would be late for […]

Winter Count – October

Winter Count – September

Spirit of the Season

At this time of year I try to focus on the goodwill toward men part of the Christmas story (which I learned as a child from Linus on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special because the Unitarian Sunday School I attended was not so much about the Bible), but it’s hard. At almost every turn I’m […]

Winter Count – August

Winter Count – July

Winter Count – June

Winter Count – May

10 Things

Ten things I need to say, some trivial, some not: 1. I am never completely relaxed with you because I think you might secretly hate me and just be biding your time until you publicly humiliate me. So why do I hang around? Because I admire you and would like to be your friend. I […]

Winter Count – April

Tastes of the Season

The first Christmas after Mr. Karen and I moved into this house, we hosted a family holiday dinner. One thing I knew needed to be on the menu was Grandma Salad. That sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? I guess it’s no different than other famous salads–there’s no Caesar in Caesar salad or Cobb in […]

Winter Count – March

Winter Count – February

After the low of losing Bubba, I had the high of visiting Grand Targhee for the first time. I liked it so much I want to move there someday. We’re going back this winter, and I hope I still feel the same way. They’ve had three feet of new snow in the last five days […]

Sounds of the Season

One of the radio stations here has been playing 100% Christmas music since November 1st, and that’s just not right. Fall is a glorious season in its own right; Frosty and Rudolph and Santa and the baby Jesus should wait their turn. It’s rude to show up so early for a party, guys. Wait until […]

Winter Count – January

It’s December. If you were reading last year at this time, you know what that means: time for me to start posting entries like crazy. I’ll be participating in Holidailies for the fourth time–it’s a Hat on Top tradition now–but that doesn’t start until December 7th this year. However, there’s something new to do right […]

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