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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 26

July 1, 2024

Monday, June 24: The floor project was far enough along that Mr. Karen could install the new baseboard heaters. Just how old the ones he was replacing were is evident in this sticker he found on them: it warns about making sure to have the heater clear of shag carpeting.

Yellowed rectangular paper sticker that reads: IMPORTANT When installing heater above shag carpeting adjust heater height so that when carpet strands are fully extended they will not enter any openings in heater.

Tuesday, June 25: It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, when the new crop of huckleberries is almost ready to be picked so I can use the last of the ones I froze from the previous year with abandon. On this day, I made a pie.

Close up of crumb top pie, slightly overbrown, with slices cut out of it and deep red filling with small berries spilling out onto the silver foil pie pan.

Wednesday, June 26: Quiet day at home. Watched some Netflix and completed some pictures on the Happy Color app, including these four home libraries that I thought went together quite well.

Collage of four images from the Happy Color app, all showing room with lots of books.

Thursday, June 27: Another day of not taking pictures for this project. I did snap one at the grocery store we don’t usually do our shopping at to ask Mr. Karen if this brand of flax seed would work instead of our usual which I couldn’t find. Of course, just after I sent it, I found our brand in another section of the store entirely.

Bag of Spectrum Cold Milled Organic Ground Premium Flaxseed on a grocery store shelf.

Friday, June 28: Heading down to town and was getting tailgated by someone in a big hurry on the mountain road, so I pulled into the most scenic of turnouts and let them speed on by. Of course I caught up to them before the last turn at the bottom since not everyone will use the turnouts.

View from a turnout on a mountain. There is a large lake in the valley below.

Saturday, June 29: The prairie fire (I am trying to learn not to call it “Indian paintbrush”) is starting to bloom.

Green plant with bright red spiky bloom against a backdrop of a ski resort in summer.

Sunday, June 30: Having a cool spell and the mist was creeping up from the valley.

Ski mountain in summer with white mist obscuring parts of it.



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