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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 19

May 14, 2024

Monday, May 6: Woke up to snow that had fallen overnight, but that melted away and left a gorgeous if chilly spring day, seen here from the road that leads to the mailboxes in the village.

View into a mountain valley with a lake at the low point. Blue sky with sunlit fluffy white clouds dominates the top three-quarters of the frame.

Tuesday, May 7: I tried a new to me discussion group that some of my friends are in, which took me to a venue I hadn’t been to before. Across the street from where I parked I saw these cute houses. I think I imprinted on these sorts of styles from visiting my grandmothers in their Milwaukee neighborhoods.

Two small single story houses in a city neighborhood. The one on the left is red brick with a roof peak on one side. The one on the right is plain grey (possibly redone stucco) with curved white supports for the roof over the front door.

Wednesday, May 8: Finally took the time to go through my mending basket (which seems like a very old fashioned thing to have in this day and age of disposable clothes). I sewed up a bra strap that had ripped (second time for that bra, so maybe won’t get that style again), fixed a grommet that had popped off (not a seamless repair but that just adds charm I guess), and whip stitched around this sleep mask to keep the lining attached (it was fused originally but I didn’t want to risk overheating and melting it and making it uncomfortable to wear).

Closeup of a black sleep mask covered in knit fabric, with small stitches around the outside.

Thursday, May 9: It was warm enough that these summer wedges were not out of place, though they were a bit fancy for the grocery store. The only trouble I had walking in them was the rubber soles having so much grip they almost tripped me a couple times.

My legs from calves down wearing sandals with black leather strappy upper and natural rope covered wedge sole.

Friday, May 10: Oh my goodness, finally achieved my bucket list item of seeing the Northern Lights. It was no less special for so many other people in so many other places getting to see them the same night. Our houseguest happened to arrive two days ahead of schedule so she was able to come with Mr. K and I to our “looking at the northern sky usually in vain” spot and experience it with us. At first we weren’t sure if we were seeing clouds or lights, then we were sure there were beams of light, and then the whole sky above and around us lit up and there was no doubt. With the naked eye, we couldn’t see as much as with our phone cameras, but still there were colors showing, mostly pinks and greens. Choosing just one photo was too much for me, so I did a collage.

Collage of six photos of the Northern Lights.

Saturday, May 11: Stopped briefly to admire the view on the way down to town. Yes, I know I admired it on Monday from a different vantage point, but it’s one of my favorite things so I try to savor it when I can.

View into a mountain valley with a lake at the low point. It's a sunny day with a few puffy white clouds in the blue sky.

Sunday, May 12: Celebrated Mothers’ Day by coloring pictures from the Art category featuring moms, like this one, which could have been me and my mom and brother if we’d been in Mary Cassat’s circle.

Screenshot from Happy Color of completed picture based on Children Playing with a Cat by Mary Cassat. A young girl with a blue hat pets a grey and white cat sitting in her lap. A woman in a yellow dress with a nude toddler in her lap sits to the right of the girl.



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