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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 18

May 7, 2024

Monday, April 29: Had to run some errands in town, so Mr. K and I took the opportunity to have dinner down there, including our first ever indoor s’mores experience. The flame could light the marshmallows on fire, so in that sense it was a reasonable facsimile of most of my campfire experiences. The chocolate should have been served at room temp though; it seemed too cold to melt properly.

Metal sheet pan with a small black brazier in the center, four sets of s'mores ingredients in the corners, and two flat metal skewers.

Tuesday, April 30: Spotted these shiny colorful garden dragons at the grocery store. Tempting even though I do not have a garden.

Display at grocery store. In the center are two metal dragon sculptures on metal sticks. One if red and gold. The other is blue and purple.

Wednesday, May 1: State of the mountain in the early evening when Mr. K and I headed down to get the mail.

Ski mountain in spring in the darkening light of early evening. There is still snow at the top of the runs, but none near the base. Lights are on in some buildings in the village.

Thursday, May 2: This lemonade container sitting by the mailboxes does not have lemonade in it. Not that I’d drink it if it did.

Red plastic drink dispenser with a black strip of tape across the front that has lemonade written on it in silver ink

Friday, May 3: Went down to Spokane to meet up with friends and came across this very spring scene. The dandelions up on the mountain haven’t even gotten to flowering yet, much less going to seed.

Grass berm mostly covered with dandelions mostly gone to seed.

Saturday, May 4: Helped Mr. K raise the mast on the sailboat as part of the preparations for getting it in the water later this month (water levels willing).

Sailboat mast with rigging against a blue grey sky

Sunday, May 5: Not sure if this is the same snowshoe hare that was out back a couple weeks ago. Brown coats for spring/summer coming in nicely. Very camouflaged against the brown dirt.

Slope with a few patches of dirty snow but mostly brown dirt and leaves on the ground. A snowshoe hair with mostly brown fur but white feet sits on the brown part of the slope.



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