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Archive for April 29th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 17

April 29, 2024

Monday, April 22: Snow has mostly melted off the forest path back from the village, with only the part where it gets packed down still having any significant coverage.

Wide path through tall pine trees. Path is mostly covered in snow, which is no longer pristine but littered with pine needles and other natural materials.

Tuesday, April 23: Went with Mr. Karen to get the sailboat out of storage. These vintage RVs and other modes of transport were lined up outside the barn where the boat spent its winter.

Older model Rvs lined up on rocky weedy ground flanked by an old car on one end and and old truck on the other. Trees, both pine and not, are growing just beyond the vehicles.

Wednesday, April 24: My old house shoes were worn out (upper separating from sole, that sort of thing), so I replaced them with these earlier this year. I don’t need this sort of tread to walk around the house but these were comfortable and on clearance, so I got them.

My feet in light grey stretchy fabric shoes with a chunky rippled white sole and light gre elastic strap across the instep.

Thursday, April 25: No rainbows at the studio on this day, unlike last week.

Tall full willow tree with early spring light yellow green leaves. The grass below the tree is starting to turn green in patches.

Friday, April 26: Hail? Or graupel? I think hail. It all melted away as quickly as it had come on.

Warm brown deck with small round pellets of ice scattered across it.

Saturday, April 27: I stopped in at the mall in Spokane between appointments. It’s not as dead as many malls are these days (I read online that the one closest to my childhood home is being torn down), though there are some empty stores and some stores that aren’t name brands.

Strings of white mini lights hanging down into a mall atrium. There's an eyeglass store behind them on the top level and a bookstore on the lower level.

Sunday, April 28: My interest in nail polish has waned (I haven’t updated my nail blog in months) but I’m still into press on nails. On this day, I applied these blue ones that sparkle and glow when the light hits them right.

My right hand held so the fingers curl into the palm to show off my slate blue nails.



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