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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 11

March 27, 2024

Monday, March 11: This is one of those “oh it’s bedtime and I don’t have a photo for today” shots, of one of my favorite Disney Parks souvenirs: a do not disturb sign that at first glance doesn’t look like a Disney souvenir. It’s from the Tower of Terror, a thrill ride (sorry, attraction) with a hotel theme. Why it’s on the door to the guest room that serves as my office most of the time I’m not sure, as it usually lives on our main bedroom’s door, but perhaps the one night I was gone and there were five or six guests here something happened.

White plastic do not disturb sign hanging from a gold-toned doorknob on a dark brown door. The words Do Not Disturb are in burgundy with a logo in burgundy, dark green, and pale gold below that.

Tuesday, March 12: Still looking wintery out there.

View of a ski resort in winter. Tree with no leaves in foreground at left. Pink-tinged clouds in the sky over the ski runs.

Wednesday, March 13: For my birthday week, I treated myself to a box of Lucky Charms cereal, a childhood favorite. I continue to find the current array of marshmallow shapes and colors somewhat disconcerting.

Back of cereal box with an overly enthusiastic cartoon  leprechaun on the left and a description and pictures of eight types of marshmallows. English and Spanish text are both provided.

Thursday, March 14: Sometimes snow boulders from the plows clearing the road behind and above us tumble down the hill and evade the screen of trees and bushes there. This big one got a bit too close for comfort but unlike one a couple winters ago, stopped before it crashed through our neighbors’ back window.

Snow covered slope with a large snow boulder sitting near a tree trunk.

Friday, March 15: When Mr. Karen and I would go on ski trips when we were still working, I always wondered how the people who lived there went about their normal lives with a ski resort right there. Now I’m one of those people who goes to the grocery store with a view of the ski runs off in the distance that I can see when stopped at a light on the way home. I didn’t always envision this for myself and am grateful I’ve been able to experience it. (Notice the lack of snow in town; the end of the ski season is coming.)

Looking out drivers side window at road signs, stoplight, and mountains in the distance.

Saturday, March 16: I save up all the birthday themed Happy Color photos to do during my birthday week. This one is an old one I found looking through a category for something else.

Screenshot from Happy Color app showing cartoony planets and stars with Happy Birthday words floating above them.

Sunday, March 17: One of my birthday presents was this CO2 air quality monitor (I asked for one), so now I know my grocery store (at least on this evening) has pretty good ventilation.

View looking down into a black shopping cart with a small monitor in between purse and items being bought displaying a 752ppm CO2 reading.



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