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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 10

March 15, 2024

Monday, March 4: You know there’s been a lot of snow when the balcony is full to the top of the railing and folks are clicking into their bindings in front of the house to ski down to the resort.

View out a window onto a balcony filled with snow and four people in bright ski gear standing in the street getting ready to ski down it.

Tuesday, March 5: Had put it off as long as I could but finally had to shovel the balconies. This before shot shows the truly impressive amount piled up outside the main bedroom.

Looking out a glass slider door to a balcony so full of snow the railing is not visible, just a lump where the cap of one of the posts is buried.

Wednesday, March 6: Got out on the slopes early enough that there was fresh corduroy in the middle of the main runs still. That’s rare for me.

Front half of stainless steel skis resting on a groomed ski run in bright sunshine.

Thursday, March 7: Found they’ve changed the Triscuit box designs when I went to the store. New on the left; old on the right. I suppose I should be glad they didn’t go with something in grey and brown. Don’t understand the blue; that doesn’t say wheat or farm to me. I miss the old old boxes that were mostly bright yellow. I don’t miss when they only came in plain; I like some of the flavor varieties they have now.

Two boxes of Triscuits. Left is Dill, Sea Salt, & Olive Oil flavor with new box with wide blue band at the top, narrower olive green band below, and light warm tan background on the rest with the cracker photo centered on that and the flavor name bottom right. Right is Rosemary & Olive Oil in the old box with a farm illustration at the top and white cloth texture below with the flavor name centered on that and the cracker photo to the lower right.

Friday, March 8: Mostly sunny ski day.

Winter scene on top of a ski mountain. Sky is blue with some high clouds, ground is white. Skiers and snowboarders head down the ski run.

Saturday, March 9: Feeling under the weather (maybe picked up some germs from the folks visiting for the youth ski races that were crowding the locker room unexpectedly so I didn’t have my mask on), so I took to my bed early. COVID test was negative, so that’s something.

Rumpled purple and orange/yellow quilt viewed from perspective of person lying under it. Two ski tips at the foot of the bed sticking up from the footboard. Medium brown curtains on the wall.


Sunday, March 10: The comfort food I ate (as part of feeling sorry for myself that I had a cold) apparently had way more salt than I knew, as my fingers were swollen to the point I couldn’t easily slip my ring off. Lotion didn’t help, so I turned to the internet and found a video about using dental floss or string. I had this yarn, and it worked like magic. The hardest part was slipping the floppy yarn under the ring to before starting the wrapping up to my knuckle.

Skein of dark pink, white, and brown yarn with a gold ring threaded through a loose strand laying on the table by the skein



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