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Green Bay’s Next Top Model

March 15, 2011

As I mentioned in my last entry, one of the Weetacon events this year was an Igigi fashion show. Last year, many of the Weetacon ladies got a garment for review from Igigi; this year, Yulia Raquel (the founder and designer at Igigi) amazed us by sending so many things we had to have a fashion show to be able to share them all. I was fortunate to receive three dresses in which to strut my stuff.

Tres Chic Dress in Plum (fashion show)

This is the Tres Chic Dress in Plum as I wore for the fashion show, accessorized with a scarf from Kohl’s and shoes by Type Z. (Photo above by Jorie Tappa.) This was very comfortable to wear; it’s made of a knit fabric and is lined, so the knit doesn’t cling.

Tres Chic Dress in Plum

When I tried it on again at home, I wore a necklace instead of the scarf, and the neckline of the dress complemented rather than competed with the jewelry. The only thing I’d change about this dress is to make the neckline a touch less wide at the shoulders, as my bra straps did peek out (this might not have been an issue if the straps of my bra were more wide set, but I don’t get as much support from bras like that so don’t tend to wear very often).

Tres Chic Dress in Plum (detail)
Tres Chic Dress in Plum (detail)

One thing I really liked about this dress was the ruching on the 3/4 sleeves; that extra touch added something special. I’m sure it would have been easier to make with a plain sleeve, but instead of doing that, Igigi added this nice detail.

Nina Origami Dress in Eggplant (fashion show)

Here’s the Nina Origami Dress in Eggplant, which was less forgiving in the fit department than Tres Chic. (Photo above by Jorie Tappa.) I feel like I should have gone up a size for this one, as my chest pushed the side seam forward and my hips pulled the skirt out so it didn’t drape as nicely as it should have. That said, I really like the shape of this one and am sure I will love it when I’ve dropped a few pounds like I’m planning to do very soon.

Nina Origami Dress in Eggplant

Both for the show and at home, I wore chunky jewelry from Kohl’s (though different sets, because I couldn’t decide which I liked better), Vera Wang tights, and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Carmella Lace Dress (fashion show)

Last but definitely not least, here’s the Carmella Lace Dress. (Photo above by Jorie Tappa.) I loved this wrap dress from the moment I put it on; it’s so comfortable and so pretty. I did have to pin the front to keep my bra from showing, but the hangtag was attached with a little black safety pin that was perfect for the task. It made me feel like twirling, so I did.

Carmella Lace Dress
Carmella Lace Dress (twirling)

The detail on this one is great, too, especially the lace trim around the neckline.

Carmella Lace Dress (detail)

Igigi’s generosity didn’t stop with the fashions for the show. I’ve been given a $50 Igigi gift certificate to award. To get a chance to win it, visit the Igigi website and pick out something you’d like to spend the certificate on, then come back here and leave a comment with which Igigi garment you’d buy and where you’d wear it. International readers are welcome to enter, just make sure that Igigi ships to your country (see this page for shipping details). Entries close April 7th, 2011; I’ll pick the winner from all comments using random.org. Also note that the other ladies in the show are running similar contests, and there’s no reason you can’t enter theirs, too. Links to their reviews can be found on this page, which is being updated as more reviews get posted. Good luck!

The dresses in this entry were provided to me for review purposes by Igigi. The content of this entry was not dictated by Igigi; I get to keep the dresses for my personal use.

2011-April Update: the winner was S. Grivno. Congratulations to her!

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  1. Harmony Says:

    I would get the Rainy Day trench coat. Or the vintage skirt in brown that’s on the sale rack. Or maybe the Isobel dress in red. Or the Misaki dress, which I would wear everywhere with a pair of red strappy sandals. The question should really be, what WOULDN’T I get?

  2. wendy Says:

    Everyone looks gorgeous! Beautiful women in beautiful dresses. What great fun that must have been.

  3. RosemaryRiveter Says:

    The CEO dress in pinstripe!

    Though I agree with Harmony’s pick of the Misaki dress too, there are so many great dresses to choose from.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    Wow!!! Those dresses look very HOT on you! I love your style! In that same vein, I found the Isobel dress in Garnet. I always have a little black dress but I also keep a totally hot red dress too!

  5. ladyloo Says:

    I am desperately in love with the Rainy Day trench coat in olive. I would wear it all winter (down here where it doesn’t really get cold). I’m also lusting after the Buckle Belt in Black Matte and the Triple Buckle Belt in Black Matte and the Twiggy Clear Lucite Ring. Igigi’s accessories are pretty swank!

  6. Barb Says:

    Great pictures – the dresses look amazing. I love the Ishiko Top in Chocolate and would wear it to a special dinner my husband is taking me to for my birthday in April.

  7. Bozoette Mary Says:

    You look gorgeous!! I love all those dresses, but I also love the Sachi dress in Merlot, the Misaki dress, the Rainy Day Trench in Navy, and the Ishiko top in chocolate. I don’t ask for much, do I?

  8. Jen Says:

    You look great! I think I’d choose the Misaki Dress, which seems to be a very popular choice. 🙂

  9. Karen Says:

    You look amazing! I have purchased a couple of Igigi dresses and I love them and they look terrific on you! If I could pick a new item, I’d choose the Tres Chic dress – I like the print and it would be nice to have something for work that wasn’t a solid color!

  10. Lisa-Marie Says:

    Karen, you look like Stevie Nicks in that black lace dress! So beautiful!

  11. Kathy Says:

    I’ve been visiting the rainy day trench in navy over and over again at the site, and once I saw the Weetacon pix, I’m now newly in love with the Sachi dress in Royal. Thanks for the reviews. I especially like the Carmella on you! Looks great.

  12. koroshiya Says:

    i would get the sachi dress in royal, and wear it to a couple weddings i have to go to in april.

  13. Jessi B Woods Says:

    You’re so pretty! Love!

    I’m going on a job interview soon, so I want the Bardot jacket to look all professional yet still fashionable, too. I think I’m going to buy the Plum Tres Chic because I love the black one so, so much! 🙂

  14. Amanda D. Says:

    Loved seeing the Igigi fashion show you all put on! So many gorgeous ladies in equally gorgeous clothes. Personal fav for me is the Boulangerie Wrap Dress in Richelieu Blue. Such a classic wrap that is so versatile, depending on the makeup and accessories it could be casual or evening wear. Love that. Thanks so much for the chance to win this!

  15. Alice Says:

    I’d been leery of the tres chic dress from pictures, but knowing that it’s lined makes it a lot more appealling. The madrid skirts are tempting, but I’m also tempted by the Boulangerie wrap dress. So many choices!

  16. Lynn Says:

    I would buy the Tres Chic dress in black and white, although you look fab in the plum. I would wear it to work and to dinners, holidays, parties, etc. I have such a crazy social life, dontcha know! (not)

  17. Jane Says:

    You look amazing in the Tres Chic dress; seriously, wowza. I haven’t made my first foray into Igigi awesomeness yet, but want to get the Ishiko top to wear to the office.

  18. Kat Says:

    How can you choose? One of everything please. You look great! Tne the lining in the Tres Chic makes it even more of a must have.

  19. Amanda Page Says:

    Job interviews ahoy, so I’d buy either the Elianne top (in Purple Magic) or the Incognito jacket or Bolero jacket.

    Those dresses all fit and suit you beautifully! Makes me ponder a trip to DE, the closest shop.

  20. Melinda Says:

    I really, really want those Ishiki tops because I realized the other day that I have no cute tops for going out with my girlfriends! And my best friend is going to be here for a month this summer so I need something cute to wear when I go out with her.

  21. Susan Says:

    I love the Tres Chic Dress! I could wear it to the office, or just about anywhere else!

  22. Beth Says:

    You look so terrific in those purple dresses – very poised and pulled together! (I’d love to see the nail combos you’d come up with for those two!)

    I am torn but I think I would go with the ruffly olive Rainy Day Trench to keep the wet out as I slog across town for work. But maybe something fun and pretty for wearing out instead….

  23. Susan G Says:

    You are stunning in the black lace! I neeeeed the blue sachi dress for work. Need, need, need do you hear me?

  24. Dabney Says:

    I really like the new Sachi dresses. The print looks really nice, and you could probably dress it up or down. I would definitely wear it to my SIL’s wedding in June, but could also wear it to the office or to dinner with my husband.

  25. fredlet Says:

    The Tres Chic looks so amazing on you! Love it!

  26. Suzy Smith Says:

    Igigi was very smart, I want two out of three of these dresses now! I really like most of their stuff but, the Estrella is in the lead for me. You look awesome!

  27. Cat Says:

    I would love to buy the Francesca dress…and wear it everywhere! I’d live in it until it was falling off my bod…and then I’d buy another one.

  28. Jas Says:

    I think you chose wisely – all those dresses look good on you! I would like The Boulangerie Wrap Dress because it looks so versatile and seems like it can go anywhere.

  29. Kelli Says:

    All of the dresses are so pretty. I really like the Estrella. Very flattering!

  30. JennB33 Says:

    You look beautiful in all of these dresses!

  31. suzanna danna Says:

    Karen, you hot thing you. Those shades of reddish purple plum really do great things for your skin tone. But I have to say, the black Carmella dress looked like it was (this will sound odd, consider the source) made BY your body, pushed from your pores out to match your character. I am SO bad at this. You look gorgeous in it lady, ok? I love the Tres Chic dress and how awesome would it be if we all showed up in it at one place? Tres Chic MOB, but for everyday wear, I would love to have the Ishiko Top in Chocolate. xox

  32. deb zwez Says:

    The Boulangerie Wrap Dress in Merlot Grape haiku:

    ‘A dress I could rock!
    Wrap me in merlot grape cloth,
    Fashionable Me!’

  33. Jessica Sides Says:

    Love love love the Tres Chic on you!!

  34. Jessica Sides Says:

    dang forgot the garment thing I would wear!

    I think I would totally wear the Gianna Dress to my girlfriend’s wedding this summer..

  35. Sara Says:

    That Tres Chic dress could have been designed for you. It looks amazing on you.

    I love the Babette Curvy

  36. Angela Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Igigi but just never did. I love the Gloria Dress in Bordeaux or Sachi in Merlot. I think either would be perfect for a upcoming wedding I have to attend in June!

  37. Erica Best Says:

    i love the Gianna Dress so cute.

  38. Megan M Says:

    I would get the Boulangerie Wrap Dress for work.

  39. Shana Says:

    Hmmmmm… I’ve had my eye on the L’Amourette, but these photos of the Carmella lace have me rethinking my choice! Either way, I’d love to win! Thanks for hosting the giveaway : )

  40. Donna B. Says:

    I’m lusting after this Tropical Beauty Maxi Dress – I would buy it and wear it with some strappy sandals, long dangle earrings and minimal makeup. The dress is the statement 🙂 It would be perfect for a BBQ, day at the beach, party, or night out with that special someone.


  41. Kim Says:

    The Tres Chic dress is appropriately named. TRES CHIC!

  42. Melissa C Says:

    I think the Boulangerie Wrap Dress is lovely. I would wear it to work (and maybe even on a date with my honey!)

  43. Heather in Ohio Says:

    The more I see it, the more I want the Carmella lace dress. Everyone looks so lovely in it! I could definitely wear it to a couple weddings I have this year.

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