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Archive for June 30th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 25

June 30, 2023

Monday, June 19: Tried a new to me macrame pattern, the Aztec Sun Bar, and really liked the look of it. I also got lost in the rhythm of tying it once I got into the groove. The second band went much faster than the first had. I liked these so much I didn’t undo them right away but left them hanging in view of my desk so I could enjoy them for a while.

Two yellow and orange decorative macrame bands hanging from a black carabiner that's on a wooden peg on a brown wall.

Tuesday, June 20: Stopped to drop off our trash (no bear this time) and found more parts to the new lift in that parking lot.

Gravel parking lot with pine trees in the background. Three large pieces of a ski lift sit on the gravel: a white and silver top station frame reading Creekside Express, an assemblage of wheels and pulleys, and the bull wheel propped on hay bales.

Wednesday, June 21: Pretty flowers outside the grocery store I popped into to get a snack while in town.

Close up of petunia blossoms that shade from yellow in the center to deep pink on the edges.

Thursday, June 22: Visited with friends in Spokane and one took me to see a property she’d recently bought. It needs some work: this is the outside back wall of the house, where a kitchen and bathroom addition previously stood. Like last week’s bullwheel photo, I liked the history told in layers here.

Wall with wooden siding showing rectangles of different layers of paint: light yellow, red, black, white, and what looks like a strip of blue and white checked wallpaper.

Friday, June 23: Hiked one of the loop trails at the top of the mountain.

Me, facing the camera while standing on a trail on the mountain wearing a light tan brimmed fabric hat, sunglasses, and a light heather grey t-shirt. Behind me are pine trees and mountains in the distance.

Saturday, June 24: Some friends of friends rented a house on the river for the weekend and invited me over for dinner. We spent much of the time I was there out on the deck facing the water.

Lawn with steps down to a dock along a river. The opposite shore has pine tree covered hills.

Sunday, June 25: Spent some of the afternoon hanging out with friends in a park in town, where some of the trees where blooming.

A cluster of four white flowers blooming at the end of a tree branch.



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