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Archive for May 2nd, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 17

May 2, 2023

Monday, April 24: Spring melt is going on in earnest now, but there’s still plenty of snow left out my back window.

View out a tall window showing snow piled up outside covering nearly all of the window opening. There are lines in the snow like the side of a river canyon.

Tuesday, April 25: Like I said, spring melt. This is in the village, water splashing into a puddle as it melts off the roof above. Just a week or so ago, there was a snow and ice ridge in this spot.

Water droplets splashing into a puddle. The base of the puddle is small rock. There's a much larger rock behind and to the right of the puddle, and part of a faux stone wall is visible behind and to the left, the bottom of the wall of the building this puddle is in front of.

Wednesday, April 26: State of the mountain. Not obvious from this distance and at this resolution, but there are more brown spots opening up on the runs as the snow melts.

View of a ski resort with snow covered runs

Thursday, April 27: I had to get more COVID tests, so ordered those for curbside pickup, but later remembered a few other things I needed and ended up going into the store anyway. That’s where I saw the display of these colorful storage containers looking so bright and appealing. They looked like a quilt. They looked like art. I did not buy them because I have plenty of containers and no space to display these like art in my house.

Two sets of plastic food storage containers displayed on a store shelf. The containers are square with rounded edges. Each set has seven containers that nest into each other. The sets are display with their colorful lids toward the aisle, a paperboard band horizontally across the center listing product features. The lid colors, center to outside are: bright pink, blue, blue green, soft lime, yellow, yellow orange, and bright pink.

Friday, April 28: I continue to feel fortunate that I can see this view on my walk to get my mail.

Landscape view with dark hills in the foreground covered in pine trees. In the valley below there's a lake. Across the valley are snow topped mountains.

Saturday, April 29: A few days later, even more brown spots have opened up on the runs as the snow leaves us. I snapped this photo as I was leaving to go to town to see my first drag show. The Idaho GOP has been taken over by extremists, who spent much of the recent legislative session working to restrict freedom, so I felt it was important that I show my support for people’s freedom to hold events like a drag show.

View of a ski resort with snow covered runs, but not as snow covered as before. Brown spots where the snow has melted dot the runs.

Sunday, April 30: A mostly quiet day at home for me, so today’s picture is again one I colored in my app. When this was just the lines waiting to be filled with color, I thought the wings on the character on the left were fish, but hey it’s in the Art category so that seemed possible. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the moose I had to stop for on the mountain road when I went to pick Mr. Karen up after he had a mishap driving out on a snowy road from his first kayaking outing of the seaon, but I was too distracted by watching it as it looked at my stopped car, then trotted down the road for a bit before turning sharply and going up into the woods (turned so sharply one of its hooves skidded on the pavement).

Screenshot of a picture from a coloring app. Image is The Abduction of Psche by Bouquereau, a fairy on the left being embraced/pulled by an angel on the right against a background of clouds



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