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Two Striped Caps

March 1, 2023

We interrupt your regularly scheduled photo diary update, which was previously interrupted by me busy getting the house ready for a guest that Mr. K and I pick up a bit later today in Spokane (assuming her air travel does not go awry), to bring you crafting news. As seen in the last few weeks’ photos (some of which will reappear in this entry along with possibly some never before seen ones), I knitted a couple things, and I want to give them their own entry (if only because I like going back and reminiscing, as I did when I was getting ready to start these projects I’m going to write about today). Okay, mabye I need to try to be less rambly with my sentence structure for the rest of this entry.

The impetus to pick my knitting needles back up for the first time since 2021 was going to Weetacon, which I’d love to write a long diversion about now but won’t. One of the highlights of that gathering is a raffle, with all proceeds going to charity. I’ve won some great stuff there over the years as well as donated what I think is some good stuff: mostly knitted hats and scarves but also an Idaho-themed gift basket and a quilt. I knew I wanted to donate at least one prize this year, but since I was flying there were space constraints and since I wasn’t getting started until about 10 days before my departure there was a time constraint. Knitted caps for the win, then.

The most accessible suitable yarn for a cap was the KnitPicks Swish left over from the baby blanket with no baby. I dug through that bag and saw I had enough yardage of suitable colors to do another version of one of my favorite past raffle items, the green striped cap. I managed to find a hard copy of my go-to cap pattern (this one from Quanah, which I’m amazed is still online as so many things I linked to back in the day are gone now) and my needles and my stitch markers, and I was off, referring to the notes I’d written on the pattern so I didn’t have to work out what size to make, etc. Well, I was off after looking through past cap entries and my Ravelry projects to refresh my memory about things like what cast-on to use and then looking up how to do that. (It was the cable cast-on.)

keins of green yarn, some knitting on a circular needle, a note pad, a pen, a pattern printed off from the internet, all lying on a teal couch cushion.

I knitted during times that in recent months would have been devoted to the Happy Color app and in a few days, I’d gotten to the point where I needed to switch to double pointed needles as I decreased. I remembered how to decrease but had had to look up how to do the jogless stripe technique. (knitting-and.com helped me out with that.)

Closeup of knitting project with pale birch double pointed needles holding stitches in green yarn separated by markers in orange, yellow, and hot pink.

Before I knew it, the hat was done. I wove in the ends and voila, a finished object.

Hand knit beanie-style cap with narrow stripes of dark green, olive, and spring green.

I still had almost a week before my plane took off, so I started another cap, this one in what I think of as spring colors.

Partially finished striped hat on steel circular knitting needles. The skeins of yarn are sitting in the background.

I needed to email the information about my raffle donations a couple days before I left, including photos. The second cap wasn’t done, so I strategically arranged it so the unfinished top wasn’t in frame.

Closeup of ribbing and part of the body of a striped knitted cap in two shades of pink and one of lilac.

I finished the spring striped cap the night before I left. Interesting how lighting makes such a difference in how the colors look.

Knitted cap in strips of dark pink, light pink, and light purple placed flat on a black background.

As the raffle turned out, both the caps were won by the same person. And I won a crocheted hat and scarf and tiny octopus set, coming home with more handcrafted objects than I’d left with.

I enjoyed making these and think I might make more even though I have plenty of hats and there’s no raffle coming up until next year at least. I could hang onto them until then, or donate them somewhere local.

Before I cast on something new, I should put these into my projects on Ravelry, as that’s where I went to look up details about the earlier ones. Before that, I should put the project before these into Ravelry, as I noticed the wavy socks aren’t there. Not sure how many details I’ll be able to re-create at this point, but I do have photos and a journal entry so that’s something.


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