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Archive for December 20th, 2022

Bit Fewer Tabs

December 20, 2022

After reading Theresa B’s post about tabs, I was inspired to go through the ones open on Chrome on my phone and clean them up.

Some of the tabs that I decided to let go of:

Amazon link for very high platform flip flops with small rhinestones in a pastel rainbow arrangement on the sides of the platform as well as the strap (Stilla Wedge Sandal by Jessica Simpson in the Black/Rainbow colorway). These are no longer available in my size. Even if they were, the price is about twice as much as the most I want to pay for flip flops. Where I’d wear them is another concern, but I am not above wearing fancy shoes around the house to cheer myself up.

Google Image search results for Tom Welling, because I saw a social media post about him that intrigued me for some reason I no longer remember, and I didn’t know who he was.

YouTube video of Steve Morse 4 Minutes to Live. I was reminded on road trip that I wanted to add this to my iPod (yes, I still have one and use it regularly) and instead of making a note in my notes app, brought up this tab to remind me.

Mashed.com article about Jell-O 1-2-3, which I remember my mom making pre-divorce. I didn’t realize it involved so many steps and so much waiting. I also didn’t realize it was around as long as it was (1996). Apparently there’s a recipe to re-create it.

List of locations of the Trex convenience store/gas stations, a remnant of the road trip Mr. K and I took in September. We saw signs for them, and I was curious since it was a chain I’d never heard of before, but we drove out of their area before we needed to stop.

CNN article about long Covid which says there’s a higher risk of developing it if you have anxiety or depression. I feel fortunate I seem to have escaped that after my one bout with COVID. I worry about getting it again.

A Guardian article about Ukraine. No idea why I didn’t close this after reading it. Did I read it?

Page about snacklaces that’s been there since I saw someone wearing one at Fall Fest on Labor Day weekend. Would I wear pretzels and cheese sticks and crackers around my neck? Probably not.

Two tabs from eatingwell.com: What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Cheese Every Day and Anti-Inflammatory Comfort Food Meal Plan.

Tabs I am undecided about:

The one that shows the capybara from Disney’s Encanto. I was so delighted when I found out there was a capy in the movie. I have now seen the movie and can see the movie again whenever I want (until it’s pulled from streaming), so I don’t need a reminder to see it which is how this tab started out. Still, I’ve gotten used to seeing it there and it makes me smile.

Realtor.com link for the condo unit next to mine, which is on the market for what seems like a ridiculously high price. It is more updated than mine, for sure, but not hundreds of thousands of dollars more updated, I don’t think.

Tabs that will be staying:

The NOAA 7-day forecast for the mountain I live on. This is generally colder and snowier than the one for town.

Snow report for the mountain I live on.

Wordle. I do this almost every day.

Quordle. Same. I am not nearly as successful solving these as I am at Wordle.

Octordle, which I opened after I read sherck’s post about daily habits a few days ago, despite thinking Quordle was enough of a challenge for me. I like the variety of games, with three options each day. The one that forces you to solve each of the eight words in order feels good to me; I can focus on just one grid at a time. Haven’t played it enough to know where to find my stats, but am sure I am even less successful at this than Quordle.

Yahoo Mail. I keep forgetting to check this account so want to keep it in front of me. Really should stop using this but there’s so much history there.

Well, that feels better. My open tabs now almost fit on one screen, with just one lonely tab hiding out below that I need to scroll to.


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