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Archive for November 7th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 44

November 7, 2022

Monday, October 31: As per usual at the change of seasons, we had a warm up and winter retreated to higher elevations.

Looking up at a ski mountain lightly dusted with snow at the higher elevations. There are trees with bright yellow leaves in the foreground.


Tuesday, November 1: One of the souvenirs we got in Florida this time is a keychain representing a popcorn bucket that is itself representing a balloon. I accidentally knocked it off the shelf it’s displayed on so figured that might be a sign it should be my photo for the day.

Red Mickey Mouse balloon popcorn bucket figurine being held in a person's palm

Wednesday, November 2: Oh look, winter’s back. This leaf was nestled in the snow on the hood of my car in our driveway.

Yellow leaf lodged sideways in a field of snow

Thursday, November 3: View out my back window with the refreshed snow.

Pine treeas and alder bushes covered in snow

Friday, November 4: Yep, lots of fresh snow.

Yellow orange vehicle in a driveway, its shape obscured by the eight or so inches of snow piled on up on it

Saturday, November 5: Had a windstorm overnight that knocked snow off the trees (and knocked out power several times). Sure looked pretty in the morning after the storm passed, though.

View of a ski mountain with the runs covered in early season snow

Sunday, November 6: Finally tackled washing the dress with the broomstick skirt that I bought from my mother-in-law Joan’s favorite catalog to wear to her memorial service this past summer. The washing wasn’t the issue, it was the drying, which involves twisting the skirt to put the intentional wrinkles back in, then securing it with rubber bands and letting that sausage dry for about 24 hours before releasing it and letting it dry the rest of the way. I’m here from the future to tell you it turned out fine.



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