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A Week-ish in Photos: 2022, Part 36

September 13, 2022

Tuesday, September 6: Practiced a decorative tie on my own thigh. I still find working with fiber like this very meditative. Knowing I’m going to undo it in a few minutes means I’m not worried about getting the pattern perfect.

Rope tied around a clothed thigh with loops forming a decorative pattern

Wednesday, September 7: One of my tasks on this day was to clear this section of the card table I use as a desk.

Table with three cardboard boxes on the left and a small pile of papers and magazines on the right

Thursday, September 8: Did my nails with liquid polish for the first time in a long time (swatching for my nail blog excepted). Chose a neutral color because the inevitable chips would show less.

White person's hand with dusty peach colored shimmery polish on the nails

Friday, September 9: Joined the friend who moved off the grid during the pandemic for his end of summer weekend campout party. I got a motel room in the next town over because I am an on the grid person. I got up from my chair to get a better look at the sun setting behind the trees.

Pine trees with the sun setting behind them

Saturday, September 10: Second day at camp was perfect for wearing the tank top I knit during the pandemic. Weather was warm enough for a tank top but cool enough for one knit from worsted weight acrylic.

Brightly color knit tank top worn by a white woman

Sunday, September 11: Came home from camp and spent some time coloring images related to 9/11. We had an opportunity to build a better country after that, and we have not. That’s what I’m sad about.

Screenshot of a coloring book app image with the Twin Towers and Statue of Liberty with a US flag background and the words In Rembrance and the date September 11, 2001



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  1. Billy Says:

    Beautiful nail colour. And I love your tank top. You have a real gift for knitting.

  2. Billy Says:

    I haven’t seen you post on either of your blogs in a while. I hope you’re okay.

  3. KarenD Says:

    Hi Billy, thanks for checking in. You probably won’t be surprised to learn I’ve been travelling thus not around online as much as usual. I’m back now, and that was my last big trip of the year, so I should be around more.

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