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Archive for July 7th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 24

July 7, 2022

June 13: Touched up my roots with light purple for an ombre look. Little did I know at the time that this particular purple would fade to blue within a week. (And yeah, my elbow does look awkward in this shot.)

White woman with long hair that's light purple on top transitioning to blue at the ends


June 14: Yep, that’s snow. Not unusual for spring on the mountain.

View looking at a ski resort in summer with dense cloud cover in the top half and snow peeking out below that to green grass at the base

June 15: I found the elusive shrimp chips when I was in Chicagoland and saved this bag for a treat after I got home. Today was the day.

Bag of Shrimp Snacks, a crunchy chip

June 16: Spotted these pansies growing in the crack between the parking and the curb at a venue in the city where I went for a fiber arts class.

Purple pansies growing in a parking lot

June 17: First day of summer season. Mr. Karen and I took the lift up and walked around at the top, finding some parts of our go to loop trail still covered in snow. Indulged in a full lunch, trying some new menu items and enjoying the calm before summer tourists arrive in full force.

view from a mountain ridge with small yellow flowers in the foreground, snow in the middle ground, and more mountains in the distance

June 18: This t-shirt is one of the things I kept from my mom’s house when my brother and I cleaned it out after she died. It must have been a gift to her, as she never went to Costa Rica (though I can’t think of any of her friends who did either). Having some of her clothes in my wardrobe and wearing them regularly keeps me connected to her memory in a way that just remembering with my mind does not.

close up of tshirt with bird design in bright colors and Costa Rica printed on a black frame around the bird

June 19: Another afternoon and evening in my studio in town, another photo out the back window at twilight, another round of wishing that wire weren’t there (or those buildings, but it is town, after all).

View out a window with metal roofs in the foreground and hills and clouds in the background



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