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Archive for June 27th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 21

June 27, 2022

May 23: Left our rented condo and started driving north. Since Mr. K was still positive for COVID and I was still negative, we wore masks in the car and ran the Corsi-Rosenthal box as we drove.

Woman wearing KF94 mask in a car with a Corsi-Rosenthal box in the back seat behind her


May 24: Continued our way north. We were fairly close to where Joan is buried, so we swung by to see her. There was a temporary marker up. Having never been to the cemetery in spring or summer, the masses of peonies were a pleasant surprise.

Grave site where grass hasn't yet grown over looking toward a mass of peony bushes with white blooms

May 25: Spent the day in the Illinois city where Joan lived before she moved to her retirement apartment in Washington. She still had some bank accounts there that needed to be closed out, so Mr. K took care of that. The rain let up long enough to let us eat lunch outside in a park where this big old tree presided.

Large deciduous tree leafed out and alone on a lawn

May 26: Dropped Mr. K off at the airport (he’d been symptom-free long enough to travel), did a little shopping during which I did not buy this adorable stuffed triceratops, and checked into my hotel for the long weekend craft conference I was ecstatic to still be able to go to.

Triceratops stuffed animal

May 27: Still testing negative for COVID so I was able to participate in the craft con activities. The featured light fixture in the lobby made interesting shadows.

Shadows from a light fixture making overlapping circles on a stone bench

May 28: Got outside for lunch for some fresh air and sunlight in between conference sessions.

Looking up into the green leaves of a tree on a sunny day

May 29: Still testing negative for COVID. No reason to think I wouldn’t be, but I don’t want to be the asymptomatic person who gets a bunch of the other conference attendees sick.

COVID rapid test showing negative result



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