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Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 14

April 11, 2022

April 4: There was a bit of snow overnight that freshened things up outside.

Pine tree with light snow on it viewed out a window with a ski chalet in the background


April 5: Ice is a danger during the warmer weather spells of spring.

Metal railings with icicles on them and signs warning of ice overhead

April 6: Found these “fact sheets” filled with misinformation about vaccines and global warming in the restroom of the grocery store when I went down to town. This sort of independent “thinking” is all too common here in north Idaho.

Two so-called fact sheets on vaccines and global warming, both filled with untruths and misrepresentations

April 7: I was feeling a bit off and decided to do a COVID test in case I’d picked it up at the party I went to the previous weekend. It came up negative.

COVID at home rapid test card showing no infection

April 8: They’re starting back up on this summer’s big construction project in the village, an addition to one of the condo buildings.

View across a muddy parking lot to a construction site with a concrete foundation in place

April 9: Bit more snow for closing weekend of ski season.

view out a window to a ski resort with snow falling in the foreground

April 10: Last day of ski season. Not warm and sunny enough to bring out as many wacky outfits as some other years.

Woman in ski gear standing at the top of a ski run



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One Comment
  1. Denise Says:

    I found mis-information cards in the free magazine box at the library. Targeted at moms, about kids and vaccines. Someone wasted a lot of money on those glossy postcards.

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