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Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 13

April 4, 2022

March 28: Ski days are drawing to a close so enjoying them while I can.

Woman outfitted in ski wear including a helmet standing at the top of ski run on the top of a mountain

March 29: One of those “slice of life” moments when I noticed the sun hitting my jeweled flip flips just right to cast dots of color on the wall as I packed up to spend some time in the studio.

Sun shining on jeweled flip flop strap casting rainbow dots of light on the walls

March 30: Ah spring on the mountains, when construction materials left to overwinter start to emerge from the snowbanks.

Dirt-flecked snowbank with a pallet of paving stones emerging from it

March 31: Spent some time in the studio and saw the contrast between freshly peeled and unpeeled logs at the sawmill next door.

Logs stacked in a sawmill yard

April 1: The village was decorated for spring.

Plastic pompom style flower tied to a post in the foreground with ski resort village in the background

April 2: Winter wasn’t quite done with us. There were three to four inches of snow in the driveway when I left to go to a party outside of Spokane, but fortunately the weather was clear at lower altitudes. At the party, the dog got worn out from all the attention he got and took a nice long nap later in the evening.

Large dog sleeping sideways on a dog bed

April 3: The cardboard derby event made its return for the first time since 2019. This is always fun to watch.

Crowd watching a cardboard sled slide down part of a ski run



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