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Archive for March 28th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 12

March 28, 2022

March 21: On the way to the locker room to gear up for skiing, saw two real estate dogs in their office.

Glass door of a real estate office with two dogs behind it looking out

March 22: Second day in a row seeing this interesting vehicle in the village parking lot. I looked the name up later; it’s a winter clothing brand.

Black stretch pickup truck with a camper top

March 23: After two previous drives were canceled, I was finally able to give blood again. This was the first time since the pandemic started that they didn’t require masks (I still wore one) and the squeezies weren’t wrapped in disposable covers. I got the fat purple heart to squeeze after I objected to the ambulance I was handed at first (it had a lot of square edges and wasn’t comfortable to hold … I really wanted a squeezy potato but there were out of them).

Woman's arm and lap sitting in a chair giving blood, with an empty chair in front of her

March 24: Did some skiing in spring conditions.

View from the top of a ski mountain to a lake in the valley

March 25: Still looking mostly white on the mountain, but there are a few dark spots showing through where the spring melt is starting. That’s spring here; dingy snowbanks and dirt spots on the mountain.

View of a ski mountain in spring

March 26: Stopped at a grocery store in the city to pick up something for a friend’s birthday celebration. The new designs on the Coca-Cola product boxes caught my eye; they seem cleaner visually than the old ones. Maybe these aren’t new; maybe I just haven’t bought pop in a while.

Coca-Cola products in 12 pack boxes of cans on grocery store shelves

March 27: Before Joan died, I had signed up for an online conference but ended up not being able to attend due to it falling on the same weekend as Joan’s burial. Fortunately, a lot of the sessions were recorded. Unfortunately, it sort of got away from me that those recordings expire at the end of March, so I’m probably not going to be able to watch all the ones I’d like to. I made a list and am working down it, taking notes in my ridiculous sequin-covered mermaid-on-every-page blank book.

Pen sitting on an open journal book, which has sequined covers and a mermaid drawing in the corner of the page



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