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Things I’ve Been Pondering

March 28, 2006


Why did the elevators in the hotel last weekend have mirrored ceilings? I’d say it was to visually expand the space, but I can’t imagine that many people look up to notice it. I suppose if the elevator broke and someone had to sit there for a long time waiting for help, the mirrors might come in handy as a distraction.


Why, when my community built a new courthouse several years ago, didn’t they make it interesting like the one in Lil’s town? Hers has beautiful murals–see example above–and stonework walls and could be mistaken for a lodge or big fancy restaurant. Mine is boring, with standard issue white columns and red brick and no unusual details whatsoever.


Will this cardinal outside my office ever figure out that the bird he sees in the slightly mirrored windows is not real? If not, will he do himself permanent damage by flying into the glass multiple times a day to scare off the intruder?


What’s going on here? It looks like the construction company has gone to some trouble to save this one wall of the historic factory that stood on the site. When I first saw it from the library parking lot down the street, I figured they were going to incorporate it into a new building, but when I drove down there, I saw they’ve already built a new building fairly close behind it. Guess I’ll just have to keep checking back to see what happens.

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